Atidium Proof of Love

Atidium is delighted to announce our Proof of Love concept to promote our upcoming token distribution and DApp.

In our Proof of Love concept we are looking for community participants who would like to share and contribute to our community and eco-system.

We are looking for add-ons to our Videos collection, articles, reviews, podcasts, translations, graphics and more.

We will also make a competition event for our new token design creation!

We request participants to visit our website and get themselves acquainted with the project before joining the campaign.

For questions and more information join our Telegram group or send us an email with your details and specialties.

We Need Telegram Admins, For Different Languages!

We have a main Telegram group in English

We have a Korean Telegram Group

We have a Portuguese Telegram Group

We need admins to manage and promote new telegram channels in:

* Arabic

* Chinese

* French

* German

* Italian

* Japanese

* Russian

* Spanish

* Turkish

* We have an open mind for more…

Love to Give:

10,000 ATD tokens per month

Help Us With Translations

Translate the whitepaper and the website  into one of the following languages:

Chinese        Mandarin        Spanish         Hindi       Arabic       Portuguese       Russian  Japanese      German        Korean       French      Turkish      Vietnamese     Italian

* The translation will have to be a genuine and not a Google translation.

Capacity – 2 per language

* Only send after being assigned. We will assign the candidate with a short translation task to examine quality.

Love to Give:

50,000 ATD tokens per high level translation.

We will let the community vote and decide which translation to use. Anyway, the 2 candidates will get the tokens for their hard work. 

Write Articles

Write a 500-700 word article about our project to Steemit, Reddit, and more.


Capacity – 25 Articles

Love to Give:

1,000 ATD tokens per article


Create a Video

Create and share a video on youtube explain about our project.

Explaining or give examples of how you can benefit from Atidium. The purpose of the video is to explain the use of all the features in Atidium. You could possibly give a case study about using Atidium to balance your budget.

Capacity – 50 videos

Requirements – At least a 1 minute video

* No more than 2 videos per user

Love to Give:

Video creation and upload to Youtube, DTube or Facebook – 5,000 ATD tokens

Bonus Love:

0-500 views –  additional 50 ATD tokens

500-1000 views –  additional 1,000 ATD tokens

1,000 views and up – 5,000 ATD tokens


Make a podcast on Youtube, D-sound or any social media.


Capacity – 25 Podcasts

Requirements- 3-10 min long podcast

* 1 per user

Love to Give:

1,000 atd tokens per podcast

25,000 tokens for the best podcast that will be chosen by the community by voting.

ATD Token Design

Design the new ATD token, and we will let the community vote and decide the winner.


Capcity – 100 users, 100

Love to Give:

Every Participant will receive 500 ATD tokens

The Winners!

3rd place will get 1,000 ATD tokens

2nd plave will get 5,000 ATD tokens

1st place will get 25,000 ATD tokens