Use Case #4 - Educational Missions and Rewards

Wesely, 40 & Dennis, 12 , Amsterdam

The application will allow you to define a smart contract that sends your child tokens according to his grades in the school.

You can also set up a smart contract that will send your child tokens according to other tasks you assign to him, such as taking the dog for a walk, washing the dishes, babysitting a younger sibling etc.


* The application will allow you to send tokens to your children and set where they can use them.
 When you do so, you can rest assured that your children are only spending their allowance in places that you have approved of and under certain conditions, if desired.

If your child needs additional pocket money and is currently in the store, you can easily send them allowance through the app with a touch of a button. You can reject their request as well.

* Your children will be able to track their expenses and savings using the statistics in the application.