Use Case #6 – Employee Expenses

Any business in the world... ​

Using Atidium as a method of payment and expense tracking is the perfect solution for businesses as well as local or international organizations.


Our payment method, paints the tokens and sets a designation and expiration date. This helps the organization plan and track its budget in real time.


The employees also benefit from the system, because they have the ability to comfortably track their expenses, as well as take advantage of tokens that they did not use.


This is an option that does not exist as a payment method today.
The employees ability to refinance funds they did not use will improve their conduct.


This will also save the employees some of the money they received, which will improve the company’s overall morale. In addition, Atidium provides the possibility for any business to create a wide range of smart contracts that will make it significantly easier to manage current payments.