Use Case #2 - Original Birthday Present

Shivam and Nitin, 32, New Delhi

Shivam purchased 100 ATD tokens and sent them to his good friend Nitin in honor of his birthday.


Shivam defined that 20 tokens are to be saved for 1 year.

He also defined that Nitin will only be allowed to spend the other 80 tokens during specific dates throughout the year.



In addition, Shivam defined that Nitin may only use the 80 tokens for the purpose of enjoying time with his lovely wife, who he hasn’t been spending much time with lately, before a specific date.



Nitin chose to honor the defined terms and took his wife to dinner within the expected timeframe.
Shivam then awarded Nitin with a gold star.


At the end of the year, after the 20 ATD tokens were released from the savings at a higher value, Nitin bought himself a new shirt. All parties were satisfied and Nitin enjoyed the original and thoughtful gift from Shivam