EOS Toolkit New Features Tutorial

EOS Toolkit New Features Tutorial

How to create an account on EOS

Finally, a simple tool to create a new account on EOS using your keys or you can generate new EOS keys using Scatter + Genereos Toolkit! Scatter is a Google Chrome extension that is similar to Ethereum’s MetaMask. It is an extension wallet that creates a safe interaction between DApps and users, the private keys in Scatter are encrypted on your local computer and will never be shared with 3rd parties and yet still allows the interaction of other websites and Decentralized apps. EOS Toolkit is a multi-tool decentralized application that allows various actions such as voting, creating a new account, search an account and in the near future they might add features such as Staking your EOS tokens and Unstaking your EOS tokens, Online wallet and many more, remember EOS mainnet was born only a few days ago. If chosen to use your private EOS keys you will need to use the EOS address that you have received when registering your ETH address. If chosen to use new EOS keys you can generate them using Scatter. During the process it will be needed to add your EOS keys into Scatter in order to allow you to Name Bid, Vote, Create Accounts and more. The new EOS account name will have a custom name of your choice built from 12 letters (a-z , 0-9) With this account you will gain access to your owner key and your active key. Your PRIVATE key will be your master key and SHOULDN’T be shared. The Active key will act as your public key. You can create multiple account names under the same key string.  

To add a keypair, follow these tutorials:

Full guide in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXXa-zwBBFM Tool developed by Genereos: https://toolkit.genereos.io/tools Scatter Official website: https://scatter-eos.com/ Full Guide on Steemit: https://steemit.com/eos/@genereos/eos-toolkit-tutorial-more-features-than-ever    

Upcoming Features for the EOS Toolkit

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