What is a DApp

The blockchain is paving the way for the future. Along with future technological developments, comes decentralized applications. These are applications run on a peer to peer network, hence the blockchain. Today we have applications such as Facebook or Instagram that are run through a single network system whose authority is regulated and monitored by its owner or company. On the blockchain, DApps are created as an open source by multiple users instead of by a centralized, single user system. In traditional apps, information is transferred through a backend system that is run by a single authority in which they are able to regulate, change and delete information as needed. In DApps, information is transferred through smart contracts and stored publicly.  There are many benefits of decentralized applications that are making them more and more popular.

DApp and decentralized systems

With a decentralized system, the future of technology is becoming more advanced. Everything on the blockchain is transparent to users, making it safer to use. There is less room for hacking because all information is stored publically. With the use of smart contracts, your information is kept safe within the blockchain. On the blockchain, information is stored on blocks and cannot be altered. This is especially great when it comes to the DApps. If an app is created on the blockchain like Twitter, if someone posts something it cannot be deleted. If a DApp is created in which you can buy products on Amazon, for example, every transaction is seen publically. The future of DApps holds so much potential and will be beneficial for people and businesses.

Safety of dApps is one of the major appeals. When every transaction, every code, is recorded on the blockchain and can’t be reversed, so there is less chance for a hack. If some tries to hack into a system to steal money, the system will automatically detect that there has been a change in the code that wasn’t authorized by the user.

Another benefit for DApps is that once they are created, they cannot be regulated by an outside source such as a company or government. DApps give users much more ability without restrictions. Once a DApp is on the platform, there is no reversing the code.


The DApps are the future of the blockchain

The future of the blockchain and DApps holds so many possibilities. For program developers, DApps are valuable. It gives them many options for creativity without restrictions. The users also benefit from DApps. Since they can see everything going on, they have more freedoms to do as they want and can also check over other users. When it comes to doing transactions between users with dApps, or between a user and a DApp, the user can be sure they are doing business with a trusted party.

There are so many DApps that have already been created and many more to come. The future of the blockchain is rapidly progressing and we will see how the use of DApps will play out.

Written with honor by Atidium!

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